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Poll Shows That Malpractice Reform Is Wanted by Americans


The Associated Press recently conducted a poll and here was their findings:

  • 54% want it more difficult to sue hospitals and doctors over malpractice, 32% opposed.
  • 58% of Independents and 61% of Republicans want lawsuit limits


Medical Negligence in New York - Suing a Doctor


But still, medical negligence has become a recurrent problem in the USA, mainly in New York. Medical negligence means any particular type of injury or damage caused to a patient by a licensed medical practitioner due to some carelessness on his part and not following the governing medical norms while treating the patient. If someone has to suffer because of medical malpractice in New York, he/she can sue the doctor or hospital to claim for the damages. There are many experienced law firms in New York to handle the cases of medical negligence. However, one must know how to find the best attorneys to fight such cases.


Selecting a Good Personal Injury Lawyer


Majority of personal injury lawyers either defend personal injury lawsuits or represent injured people to help them obtain compensation amounts, but not both. If you have been injured in an accident and wish to claim reasonable reparation for the same, you should look for what is termed as a “plaintiff’s lawyer”.



Fake Smelly Indian Lawsuit by Vaibhav Bedi Passes Off As Real News


A story was posted October 19 on that stated a young man was suing the company that produces Axe deodorant because he has not been able to get a girlfriend for seven years despite using their product.

His claim is false advertising because women were throwing themselves after him like they show in the television.


79% of adults believe that personal injury lawyer advertisements encourage people to sue even if they were never injured.

Suing Bad Lawyers

It is not as easy as you think to sue a bad lawyer. First of all, you have to think of lawyers as being part of a club. How many lawyers want to sue a colleague/partner of theirs? Not likely.

The best thing to do is to contact the Bar Association, which your lawyer is a part of. If you can do this, you can generally get your lawyer to act in accordance to the rules. If the association disagrees with their behaviour, they have the power to take away their credentials. And they definitely do not want that.

>> List of BAR Associaions

Who Is Bad, Lawyers or the Profession?

Philip Slayton has authored a book called Lawyers Gone Bad and in it he profiles many of the worst portrayals of lawyers.

Slayton does not need to convince us that lawyers are bad but his background as a former law-school dean and corporate law professional proves that even those on the inside can be critical of the profession.

It is understood that lawyers must fight for their clients often leading them to unethical behaviour. Slayton insinuates that the behaviour is not disciplined strong enough.

Are Frivolous Lawsuits Legal ?  

On ScumLawyer, you can find extensive information about legal malpractice and other Lawsuit Abuse Statistics. If you have been a victim of legal malpractice, but don’t know what to do, you have come to the right place. Do you suspect your lawyer of dishonesty? Has he acted in an unprofessional manner with you? What are the professional codes of conduct for lawyers? What is the meaning of malpractice? What are your lawyer’s responsibilities towards you? We have all the answers.

If you are thinking of filing a malpractice claim against your lawyer, you need to be prepared. There are several ways that your suit can be rejected in court. You need to be aware of all the things you will need to prove your claim. Learn about the essential elements of a malpractice suit. What is the burden of proof? What is its relevance in your case? What are the other ways that your lawyer can defend himself? With all these resources at your fingertips, you do not need to worry anymore.

Thinking of hiring a lawyer? What is the best way to hire a malpractice attorney? How much will it cost? We address all these issues in our articles. Get the most up-to-date information on legal matters. Get access to sound legal advice, improve your relationship with your lawyer and solve complex law related matters.  


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